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The City of Ludbreg is the leading partner in the project “Support to the promotion and development of a transnational pilgrimage route related to sustainable and cultural tourism”, the acronym of the project: VIA SAINT MARTIN.

Ludbreg is one of the most important regional centers in the area of Varaždin County and beyond. Its advantages are excellent position, good traffic connections, secure and well-equipped transport infrastructure and a rich cultural and traditional heritage. Ludbreg is a town located in the northwest of Croatia, in Podravina, in the east of Varaždin County, at the crossroads of picturesque hills of Kalnik above the tiny plain of Podravina.
As it is at the door of Zagorje, due to its good geographic position, the Ludbreg region offers its inhabitants and visitors the best of both regions. Archaeological remains demonstrate that Ludbreg has been rooting its roots since the pre-Roman period and throughout history has had a significant role in this area as a traffic, trade, craft and religious center, and today it is the “center of the world” not only for its inhabitants, but for numerous tourists who visit it daily.

In addition to its cultural and traditional values, Ludbreg is also an economic-entrepreneurial center. The development of the city is based on profitable investments in the development of small and medium entrepreneurship and in the economic sector. Great importance is also given to investment in human capital development, social services, introduction of innovative and creative solutions, ICT tools and raising the quality of life of all citizens of Ludbreg.


The Municipality of Zalaszentmárton oversees the daily life of a tiny picturesque village nestled in the Zala hills of western Hungary. The village boasts scenic views of rolling countryside with views of Lake Balaton, peaceful hiking and bicycling trails, and a warm and welcoming community. The remaining written records date the village from the 13th century but archaeological evidence shows the village has been continuously inhabited for the past 8000 years. The village’s namesake- Saint Martin, is said to have personally visited the village during his life when this area of Hungary was a Roman territory.

The village has always been sustained by agriculture that has unfortunately faded away in recent years. The municipality is directing and encouraging the shift towards tourism and is attempting to develop the village making it appealing to both visitors and new small businesses.
Visitors can find a variety of activities to do. Visit our charming small church. Bring a bike for asphalt or dirt trails. Visit our nature center or cellar museum. Relax in our biblical herb garden. Walk or run our trails with great views and the chance to meet with nature and wildlife. Challenge yourself and friends in completing our orienteering course. Just sit and sip a coffee. Stay in a wooden cabin or bring your own camping tent. Have a campfire. Stargaze. Enjoy life!

Zalaszentmárton is also the perfect base-camp for exploring the surrounding towns and attractions. Visitors can easily find pools and spas, palaces, animal parks, museums, shopping, great restaurants, and fun nightlife within a quick drive. We are centered between the three large towns of Keszthely, Zalaegerszeg and Nagykanizsa.
The village is in the process of recreating itself as a center of healthy living in this area. By combining an appreciation for nature, living a healthy lifestyle with low-stress, encompassing sport and fitness, and spending quality time with friends and family we can start moving towards a happier way of life.

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